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The importance of antistatic clothing sample

With the wide application of network and popularization, anti-static clothing buyers can communicate and consult directly with anti-static clothing manufacturers on the search engine, WeChat, QQ and other tools. When they need to purchase a anti-static clothing, manufacturers should provide the fleas garments in advance to prevent appearing clothing unqualified phenomenon. After finishing samples, manufacturers will determine to make the order.
1. Determining the fabrics and styles of anti-static work clothes. The fabric has a variety of colors. After it is determined, preventing unqualified goods from being rejected due to the color difference.
2. There is the quality problem of anti-static clothing. At present, there are a large number of factories making work clothes in the market, which leads to difference for materials, management level and technical level in the production of clothes. Therefore, the appearance of sample clothes is an important factor to test the level of manufacturers, so as to prevent the occurrence of unqualified clothing when large quantities of goods are purchased.
3. Testing the anti-static performance to ensure the durability and protection of the anti-static performance. It can avoid the use of anti-static clothing which has no electrostatic property due to cutting materials.