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China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) was founded in 1966 to provide a full range of manufacturing safety and health protective equipment to workers in major manufacturing fields, including construction, chemical, metallurgy, mining and medical care. After more than 50 years of development, CIOSH has become an industry spearhead, leading the scientific and technological development of the labor protective equipment industry in China.

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The 100th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH 2020) was successfully held !
CIOSH 2020 attracted a total of 1,035 exhibitors and 21,207 professional visitors (2019: 25,000 visitors). Industry professionals gathered in Shanghai to get the latest market information and product technology.
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CIOSH 2020 Notification of Epidemic Prevention
In order to provide a safe, healthy and reliable exhibition environment, the 100th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) will take the necessary epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the joint control requirements of the State Council and Shanghai exhibition industry guide of COVID-19 control and prevention. For your own protection and public health, some information you need to know and must strictly abide during the exhibition.
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Call For Papers丨2020 Epidemic Prevention & Response Event (EPRE 2020)
In order to strengthen the cognition of epidemic diseases, emphasize precaution consciousness and further prevent and treat the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases, the first Epidemic Prevention & Response Event (EPRE 2020) will be hosted by Messe Duesseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. during the 100th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH 2020) in Shanghai.
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Your safety is always our top priority!
According to the World Health Organization, the comprehensive and strict measures China has taken to contain the spread have yielded positive results and these efforts have been recognized by international community. The numbers of new infections and fatalities are on the decline, and more and more patients are recovering.
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Intco Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth Number: Hall E5丨EB06 Medical Equipment
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Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co., Ltd.
Booth Number: Hall E5丨 ET02 Hand protection, gloves
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Zhejiang Dongmeng Medical Equipment Ltd.
Booth Number: Hall E3丨CB27 Medical Equipment
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Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co.,Ltd.
Booth Number: Hall E3丨CB05 Breathing protection
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Import Process and the Summary of Relevant Documents
According to the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, a declarer unit shall declare to the Customs in electronic declaration form or paper form.
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For COVID-19, what is PPE?
In the early days of the fight against COVID-19, there was a time when people felt anxious and panicked because of the lack of protective equipment. So, what exactly is personal protection? Why does it have a critical protective effect on our health? The article below may give you some inspiration.
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Preventing cuts and lacerations
Cuts and lacerations are common workplace injuries. In fact, about 30% of all workplace injuries involve cuts or lacerations, and approximately 70% of those are to the hands or fingers, according to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
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Chinese premier calls for boosting capabilities for work safety risk control
Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong speaks at a teleconference on implementing the system of accountability for work safety in Beijing, capital of China, May 31, 2018.
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