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The role of activated carbon masks

Activated carbon masks have powerful functions of absorbing harmful gases, dust and toxic gases. They are the most popular type of masks on the market at present. But there are also a lot of fake charcoal masks.
The real activated carbon is activated carbon particles or activated carbon fiber through high temperature carbonization and activation.
1. The main function of activated carbon is active adsorption, so it has good function of antivirus and deodorization. If the mask adds another layer of molten spray filter, it can also filter bacteria and dust.
2. Types of poisonous gases: hydrogen cyanide, chloroform, toluene, ethylene oxide, etc. An active mask should contain at least 50% of the carbon in the mouth and nose before wearing it.
3. Protect against harmful gases: formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, ozone, harmful organic gases, acidic volatiles, etc.
4. Protect other harmful types and places: automobile exhaust, pesticide, SO2, Cl2, paint, decoration, fire, explosion, etc.