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Disposal of leakage

1. Gas leakage disposal. Emergency responders simply need to stop the leak. If possible, using proper ventilation to keep it from spreading and accumulating, or spraying mist water to liquefy it for post-treatment.
2. Liquid leakage treatment. For a small amount of liquid leakage, sand or other non-flammable adsorbent can be adsorbed and collected in the container for treatment.  After a large amount of liquid leakage is spread and diffused, which is difficult to collect and deal with. It can be blocked by building a bank or diverting to a safe place. In order to reduce the evaporation of the leakage to the atmosphere, foam or other mulch can be used to cover it. After forming a covering on its surface, the evaporation of it can be inhibited and then transferred.  
3. Solid leakage treatment. Collecting the spill with the proper tools and rinse the contaminated ground with water.