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Import Process and the Summary of Relevant Documents

"Statutory inspection of import and export commodities"

(1) One copy of the contract;

(2) One copy of invoice;

(3) One copy of the packing list

(4) One copy of the bill of lading (Transportation);

(5) One original of the authorization agreement (seal) for customs declaration agency;

(6) factory inspection certificate (seal) shall be provided for export goods.


The above document enterprises can choose paper declaration and paperless declaration independently, and give priority to paperless declaration, that is, upload and submit the electronic version of the above application materials after scanning.




What Forms Do the Declarations of Import and Export Goods Take ?

According to the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, a declarer unit shall declare to the Customs in electronic declaration form or paper form. At present, the customs declarations are mainly made in electronic form. When declaring to a Customs house without information management system, the declarer unit may take the paper form.


(1) Materials proving the actual situation of import and export goods, including the name, specification, use, place of origin and trade mode of the import and export goods;

(2) Contract, invoice, transportation document, packing list and other commercial documents related to import and export goods;

(3) License and attached documents required for import and export;

(4) Other import and export documents stipulated by the General Administration of customs.It includes:

Ⅰ. for goods approved by the Customs for tax reduction or exemption, a certificate of tax reduction or exemption signed by the customs shall be submitted, and a list of imported equipment approved and issued by the customs shall be submitted to the foreign-funded enterprises in Beijing for inspection;

Ⅱ. the "Registration Manual" issued by the customs shall be submitted for the import and export of processing trade contracts that have been filed with the customs.


For paperless declaration, simplify the documents attached to the customs declaration form:

Imported goods:

1. Processing trade and bonded customs declaration forms: the contract, packing list, cargo list (manifest) and other attached documents can not be submitted to the Customs by the enterprises when they declare, and they can be submitted again when the customs audit.

2. Non processing trade and bonded customs declaration form:

The enterprise may not submit the attached documents such as packing list and cargo list (manifest) to the Customs at the time of declaration, and submit again if necessary during the customs examination.


The customs declaration forms of Beijing Tianjin Hebei customs for implementing the reform of regional customs clearance integration include contract, packing list, cargo manifest (manifest) and other attached documents. Enterprises may not submit them to the customs when they declare, and they will be submitted again when the customs reviews.