China International Occupational
Safety & Health Goods Expo


CIOSH 2019 in Shanghai closed with a record-breaking result!

CIOSH – China International Occupational Safety & Healthcare Goods Expo concluded its ninty-eighth edition on April 22, 2019 in Shanghai. Exhibitors and visitors were highly satisfied with the show result. The expo consisted of over 1,600 exhibitors and more than 3,000 booths, covering a combined exhibition area over 70,000 square meters, and attracting  25,000 visitors. 

A congregation of leading enterprises displaying excellent goods 
According to the purchase need of target visitors, CIOSH 2019 defined the streamline category of exhibition halls, with the full coverage of the current high-grade occupational health and safety goods. The exhibition halls were well-structured with elaborately built booths, attracting the active participation of leading enterprises. 

Marked by group participation and distinctive popularity 
CIOSH 2019 highlighted that local governments directed local enterprises to team up, with Longhua Uniform Pavilion, Linyi Commerce Pavilion, Gaomi Security Pavilion and Binzhou Rope & Net Pavilion in distinctive features. 

A distinctive customer experience and a profound event upgrade 
CIOSH 2019 held a series of exciting events, covering display of new goods, new techniques, new technologies and new trends to define new discovery, new cooperation, new market and new goal for exhibitors in the course of directing China occupational health and safety industry to be better, stronger and more stable. The "Youth Committee" made up of young elites in this industry was officially established at CIOSH 2019. 

The 98th CIOSH was successfully completed. Next 100th event to be held in Shanghai will be equally splendid. 
In 2020, CIOSH will celebrate its 100th anniversary, focusing on four themes — safety at work, security at work, health at work, disaster and emergency management. CIOSH 2020 will present the modern occupational safety and intelligent concepts by introducing more international resources.
See you at CIOSH 2020 in Shanghai next year!