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U.PROTEC (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd

U.PROTEC (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd
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Protective wear, workwear
Company Profile
U.Protec is one of the world’s leading emergency services protective clothing brands. The company began as the best manufacturer of PPE focus on the design , products and services to support the customers with one –stop solutions.

As the leading PPE manufacturer the product lines have reached to many fields (emergency rescue, petroleum, chemical industry, gas, metallurgy, electric power, military police, medical, etc).  All our products are made to conform to appropriate standards , including the CCC/SINOFFE  for China , CE for Europe and UL for USA.


Perfect quality and service is the base of our best reputation as our many years of experience in the development of innovative protective clothing solutions. Obtained the awards of the “Top 10 brands of Chinese PPE ” and others.

Thanks for the trusting and supporting from the 50 global top 500 enterprises. We would like to continue upgrading and refreshing the flame resistant and protecting clothing to build up our new emergency industrial system.

Product Specification

Product Technical Standard:EN13034 / ENISO13982 / EN14126

Application: medical personnel in medical institutions such as clinics,general wards,inspection rooms/ general isolation in communities, supermarket,mall,railways,railway station, and airport etc.

Main Functions: Protect medical personnel from contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances.

Composition:non-woven fabric, elastic rope,zipper,waterproof tape and PP thread.
Chemical-proof clothing

Application: Applied in outpatient use, inpatient yard, checking etc. general use. Not for surgical use.

Main Functions: Personal protection against contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances.

Application: Chemical industrial, for those general level acid-base liquid proof and a small amount splashing of water, no respirator needed.

Standard: GB24539-2009《Chemical-proof general standard》
Fr Coverall

Standard: GB8965.1-2009、EN11612、NFPA2112、EN1149

Authentication: CE,UL. Coverall closed by zipper,Large pleats in the back for ,reedom of movement and comfort ,round collar& trun-down collar,Two chest pockets with pocket flap,Red splice fabric on the shoulders,One pen pocket on the sleeve,Two back pockets,Elasticized waistband,Two pockets on the thigh 5cm width FR reflective strip on the shoulders, arms and legs. Double stitched on all the main parts.

Scope of application: it is applicable to the protective clothing in the places with open fire, spark emission, operation near the molten metal, inflammable substances and fire hazard.

Fire Fighting Clothing

Standard: GA10-2014

Flashlight hooks on the right chest;one radio pocket on left chest,two big patch pockest;High collar fully lined with throat closure tab.front short and long back design of the hem.

Elasticated braces with quick release buckles, two pockets both of trousers.

Reinforced at elbow,knee; Drainage hole for all bottom pockets. FR yellow silver yellow reflective stripes.
Forest fire suit

Standard: GB/T 33536-2017

It is suitable for protective clothing of forest fire fighting workers.

Main users: firefighters, rescue workers, etc. This product has the properties of permanent flame retardant, super wear resistance, high tear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It can resist oil and water, absorb moisture and perspiration, and has good resistance to high temperature radiation heat and convection heat. At the same time, it has small shrinkage, easy to wash and excellent comprehensive protection performance.

Rescue Split Clothing

Standard: GA633-2006

Upper and lower split structure, shirt-style shirt with trousers design; outside the pocket and jacket pocket are pocket cover; bust, cuffs and trousers and other places are firmly stitched with reflective tape; elbows, knees, shoulders and other parts There is a wear-resistant layer of reinforcement, the collar collar and collar, and set a small collar, left hanging two sets of chest, chest set patch pocket, underarm open vent, non-slip waist design, cuffs, mouth adjustable design.

Fire Proximity Suit

Standard: GA 634-2015

This section is divided into thermal insulation suit jacket, strap pants, helmets, hoods, gloves, boots. The clothing is made up of hood, top, pants, gloves and leggings. Insulation clothing with four-layer structure, the surface layer of DuPont NOMEX and aluminum foil composite material, the middle layer of waterproof layer, high-quality insulation blankets, lining for the comfort of cloth, clothing with high thermal insulation, can effectively isolate convection heat and Radiation heat on the body damage