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Call For Papers丨2020 Epidemic Prevention & Response Event (EPRE 2020)

Epidemic diseases, especially the large-scale outbreak of infectious diseases, usually bring great harm to the human society. They can not only cause death, but also destroy the social economy in the short term. Both SARS in 2003 and COVID-19 this year, with extremely strong infectious and harmfulness have caused great damage to the world. National governments, communities, enterprises, and individuals need to deal seriously on the topics of how to prevent the outbreak of large-scale epidemic diseases, how to effectively control and respond after the occurrence of diseases, how to reduce the economic impact and loss of the diseases, etc.


In order to strengthen the cognition of epidemic diseases, emphasize precaution consciousness and further prevent and treat the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases, the first Epidemic Prevention & Response Event (EPRE 2020) will be hosted by Messe Duesseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  during the 100th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH 2020) in Shanghai. Now we sincerely invite you to deliver a speech at EPRE 2020!



  • >> How to maintain the normal operation of enterprises as long as possible after the outbreak of epidemic diseases
  • >> Application of hightech in epidemic disease prevention and treatment
  • >> How to prevent epidemic diseases, especially infectious diseases
  • >> General procedures and material reserves for epidemic disease prevention and treatment

Target Audience

  • >> Safety Officers / HSE Management Department / Crisis and Emergency Management Department
  • >> Local/Provincial/National Personnel on Public Health, Epidemic Prevention & Response
  • >> Medical Research Institutions and Colleges
  • >> Environment Medical Health Institutions
  • >> International Rescue and Medical Service Institutions
  • >> Business Managers of Medical Material Production and Operations


If you are interested to present a speech, please send your topic, abstract and CV to before 29th May, 2020. If your topic is selected, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange follow-up matters. We hope to hear your talk at EPRE 2020!


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