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Intco Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Intco Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Medical equipment
Company Profile
INTCO Medical, listed under Stock Symbol 3000677 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange since July 2017, is a high-tech manufacturing company committing to R&D, production and marketing of medical disposable products and durable medical equipment with main business covering medical protection, rehabilitation nursing, physical therapy, examination disposable related products, etc. INTCO Medical has been exported products to more than 100 countries and regions in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, which is providing practical products and high-quality services to thousands of customers.
Disposable PVC Protective Gloves
• 100% Brand-new formula to enhance softness and fitness
• Higher tensile strength and more tactile sensitivity
• DOP or DEHP free
• No latex protein to cause allergy
• Dry and smooth coating to avoid dermatitis
• A variety of colors available for different people or industries
Synthetic Protective Gloves
• The donning feeling is better than vinyl gloves
• The wearing time is longer than nitrile gloves
• Better cost-performance, effectively reduce customers' cost
• PU coating, with no protein in it, allergy risk is reduced effectively
• Better protection, good resistance of acid, alkali and oil
• Popular color in blue, black, purple, pink, yellow and white
Disposable Nitrile Protective Gloves
• No latex protein to cause allergy
• Excellent softness and wearing fitness
• Undifferentiated shelf life as normal gloves
• Well suitable for high cleanliness industry like electronic, food service, etc
Disposable Latex Protective Gloves
• Beaded cuff for easy donning and prevention of roll back
• Excellent and tactile sense
• Textured for improved grip
• Low level of extractable proteins and chemical residue
• Food safe, suitable for handing all foodstuffs
• AQL 1.5
Disposable Face Shield
• Lightweight, anti-fog protection from splashing or spraying
• Optically clear polyester for maximum visibility
• Can be worn with or without glasses
Disposable Face Mask
• Nonwoven 3Ply design, Spunbond + Meltblown +Spunbond
• Ultra-Sonic Weld ensures strongest constructed mask, eliminates holes and defects
• Adjustable Nose Piece for better fit
• Fluid Resistant
• BFE ≥95%
Isolation Gown
• Made from lightweight polypropylene and multi-layer materials
• Neck ties and elastic wrists
• Suitable for isolation and basic protection from bacteria and particulate
• Strong sealed seams are designed to withstand tough conditions
Hand Sanitizer Gel
• No need to wash with water and quick dry
• Helps reduce bacteria on the skin
• kills 99.99% of common germs
• Contains moisturizer and leaves hands feeling soft
• Not sticky after use
• Super Sanitizing Strength