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Limin Lei
Vice President and Secretary General
China Textile Commerce Association (CTCA)
Limin Lei is the Vice President and Secretary General of China Textile Commerce Association, Chairman of Safety and Health Protection Products Committee of China Textile Commerce Association. He graduated from the School of International Relations, Peking University with a master's degree.

China Textile Commerce Association (CTCA):

CTCA is subject to approval by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, under the guidance of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is engaged in the clothing, textiles, knitwear, safety and health protection goods, outdoor supplies' circulation and production, scientific research and teaching activities of all kinds of ownership enterprises, units and related composed of voluntary associations, with legal personality of the non-profit nature of the national industry organization.

Henk Vanhoutte
Secretary General
European Safety Federation
Henk Vanhoutte is since 2004 the Secretary General of the European Safety Federation. As textile engineer, he has been active in the PPE sector since 1992.

The European Safety Federation:

The European Safety Federation is the organization of PPE suppliers in Europe with national PPE organizations as member as well as companies. The organization was founded in 1991 and works closely with regulators (mainly EU Commission) and related authorities and stakeholders, defending the interests of the suppliers of PPE.

Thomas Lange
Managing Director
German PPE Manufacture Association (IVPS)
German PPE Manufacturers Association(IVPS):

IVPS is the German association of companies and organisations which produce or supply personal protective equipment; IVPS interprets itself as a new voice in the field of industrial safety. The message of the IVPS is: Accidents are unavoidable, in spite of all protective measures. Therefore, personal protection equipment must be considered an integral part of the safety system. The manufacturers contribute through well-designed, comfortable products and through extensive product information to the wearing and use of personal protective equipment at the workplace


Lorenzo Florindi
Assosistema Study Center and Safety Section

Lorenzo Florindi is responsible for following up and coordinating the activities of the department in Assosistema Association, providing technical and regulatory support to members, and responsible for the statistics and analysis of the whole association.


The association works with the Italian security authorities to protect the interests of manufacturers, distributors and importers of personal protective equipment.


Managing Director

Arda ATAOĞLU has served as the General Manager of his family business, IS Koruma, Turkey, since 2002. He is also the owner of ARAN SAFETY company in USA. He has been a member of the board of directors of Tigiad since 2016 and has been its President since 2019.


Turkish Work Safety Business Association(TIGIAD):
TIGIAD is found in 1999 by several PPE companies and grow after joining of other PPE companies. We have 90 members at the moment and all of them are working in PPE market as producer or distributor. Our main vision is to help PPE Companies to update themselves according to developments in PPE business in the world and also be a bridge between Turkish Government and PPE Companies / professionals.


Raul Casanova Junior
Executive Director, Engineer and Business Administrator ANIMASEG

Brazilian Association of PPE Manufacturers(ANIMASEG):
ANIMASEG has 160 members, representing 80% of PPE Market in Brazil. ($2,6 billion in 2019)


Sanjiv Bhaskar
Vice President of PPE Practice
Frost & Sullivan North America San Antonio

Sanjiv Bhaskar has over 22 years of consulting in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Building Technologies, Industrial Automation and Environmental Industries.


Frost & Sullivan:
Frost & Sullivan is a research & consulting firm that helps clients accelerate growth. Find out why 98% of the top 1000 companies partner with us. For the past 60 years, Frost & Sullivan has partnered with corporations, cities, governments, and the investor communities to identify, prioritize, and execute on new business opportunities powering clients toward a future shaped by growth.