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"Xiang" gathering in Labor Insurance Association

On October 26, 2018, the 97th China Trade Fair for Labor Protection Goods was opened in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center.
On the first day, more than 600 exhibitors and more than 800 exhibitors occupied 30,000 square meters of exhibition space in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. With its "vane influence" of bringing together the elite, selecting the best products and leading the trend, the Labor Protection Council has once again refreshed the record of the fall Labor Protection Exhibition.
Hunan Provincial Labor Insurance Association and Shandong Gaomi Exhibition Group set up a special exhibition area in this exhibition. The exhibition forms are flexible and varied. The group exhibition and the classified exhibition became a beautiful scenery of the Labor Insurance Association.
The exhibition has won the attention of Changsha Municipal Bureau of Safety Production Supervision and Administration. More than 200 local enterprises have been organized to visit and purchase. With the help of state-level professional exhibition of labor insurance industry, enterprises can better understand personal protective articles and improve the standardized purchase and use of personal protective articles.
The exhibition includes high-quality domestic brand enterprises such as Shandong Xingyu, Shandong Dengsheng, Jiande Chaomei, Zhejiang East Asia, Shanghai Shima, Shanghai Namei, Jiangsu Henghui, Hunan Yonglin, Zhejiang Nanhe, Jiangsu Dunwang, Shanghai Gangkai, Taizhou Guotai, etc. with the latest products, bringing professional audiences and guests to the industry. One stop protective products are completely new experience. Taking you to see the exhibitors' elegant demeanor!
On the basis of stable circulation channels, Qingdao Weidie Latex Products Co., Ltd. has continuously opened up its business scope, enriched product categories and implemented enterprise customization. At the meeting, it set up a special display counter for purchased products of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and tendered products of the Sinopec System. As an old enterprise participating in the exhibition for nearly 30 years, Qingdao Weidie Latex Products Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions to the development of acid and alkali resistant latex gloves in China.
The exhibition booth of Jiande Chaomei Nikkei Chemical Co., Ltd. was crowded with people. Chaomei delegates warmly welcomed admiration and came to know the purchasers and distributors of Chaomei respiratory protection products.
Fashionable high-end booth design, enthusiastic staff, orderly visitors to the audience, and lovely mascots... It describes the "love scene" of the labor insurance association.
In order to intensify the publicity, the organizers of the labor insurance society invited journalists from Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Jing TV, Hunan Metropolis, Hunan Daily, Changsha Evening News, Contemporary Commercial Daily, People's Network, Xinhua, Phoenix, China News Agency, Red Net and other major media to cover the event, capturing the wonderful moment of the labor insurance association.
With more and more enterprises participating in the exhibition, the scale of the exhibition is becoming larger and larger. With the dedicated service concept and professional service attitude, the labor insurance association has won the recognition of the labor insurance people and gradually become the most popular display platform in the industry.
"Xiang" gathering in the labor insurance association rapidly enhance brand awareness and influence. Labor Insurance Fair provides a 3-day display platform for exhibitors. Exhibitors can show their strength in front of peers and customers. Through attractive exhibition platform design, well-trained staff, active pre-exhibition and in-exhibition promotions, in conjunction with a wide range of well-known media industry publicity, it can quickly establish brand image and enhance  corporate visibility and influence.
"Xiang" gathering in the labor insurance association communicates the customer relations and contacts a large number of potential customers. Exhibitors invite existing customers to visit the exhibition booth, express their gratitude and promote new products through warm hospitality, company gifts, welcome dinner, etc. At the same time, the exhibition is also an important means for exhibitors to contact the target customers. Visitors to the exhibition stand are more than 50% of the demand for products or services.
"Xiang" gathering in the labor insurance association understands the advanced industry scientific and technological achievements and the service. Exhibition is to a large extent a platform for the exchange and release of high-tech and products. Exhibitors can participate in industry forums, technical product promotion meetings, exchanges and other ways to understand the industry's leading products and technology for the development of enterprises to develop appropriate development directions and strategies. At the same time, exhibitors can declare their own organizational forums, promotion sessions and other activities. Holding high-quality industry forums and attracting more target customers to participate in new product promotion meetings with the help of the industry influence of the labor insurance association.
In the autumn of October, we gathered in Xiangjiang, focusing on production safety and industry development. I wish you all the best!