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Air breathing apparatus

Air breathing apparatus is also known as gas mask, and sometimes called fire mask. It uses compressed gas cylinders as gas sources, but the cylinders contain compressed gases. According to the difference between the pressure inside the mask and the pressure outside the mask, it can be divided into positive pressure type and negative pressure type. Positive pressure always keeps positive pressure in the mask during use. It is safer. At present, it has basically replaced the latter and is widely used.
The working time of the air respirator is generally 30-360 minutes. The maximum protection time varies according to the type of the respirator. In general, the respirator's protection time is shorter than that of oxygen respirator.
Air respirator is mainly used for fire fighters and related personnel in dealing with fire, harmful substance leakage, smoke and other adverse work site fire detection, fire fighting, disaster relief, rescue and support. In addition, it can also be used in heavy industry, maritime transportation, civil aviation, waterworks and sewage treatment stations, oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical industry, petroleum refining, chemicals, environmental protection, military and other fields and occasions.