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Filter gas mask

It is also a filter-type respiratory protection product with ultrafine fiber material, activated carbon, activated carbon fiber and other adsorption materials as the core filter material. Its composition mainly consists of two parts: face mask and filter part. Compared with gas masks, filtered gas masks and gas masks have similar protective functions, which can not only protect large particles of dust, aerosols, but also protect toxic and harmful vapors and gases. The difference between them is that the filter gas mask filters out toxic and harmful gases, the vapor concentration range is wider, and the protection time is longer, so it is safer and more reliable. In addition, it can protect the respiratory organs (mouth and nose) as well as the eyes and facial skin from the direct damage caused by toxic and harmful substances, and it usually has better sealing effect, higher and more comprehensive protection efficiency.
It is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum industry, military, mining, warehouse, seaport, scientific research institutions and other fields and occasions.