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Classification of respiratory protective equipment(3)

According to the protection parts and the connection between gas source and respiratory organs, it can be divided into three categories: mask type, mouth type and mask type.
Mask respirators mainly refer to respiratory protective devices that protect the mouth and nose of respiratory organs from toxic and harmful substances inhalation, including planar, semi-three-dimensional and three-dimensional, such as general medical masks, dust masks, gas masks.
Mask respirators protect the breathing organs as well as the eyes and face, such as filtered and isolated gas masks.
Oral respirators are also known as mouth respirators. The difference between the two is that when wearing these respirators, the nose must be clamped with the nose and breathed through the mouth, and contaminated air filtered from the outside directly enters the mouth. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and good air tightness, but it can not make sound and communicate when it is used. It can be used for mine rescue and emergency escape.