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Safety regulations during welding(2)

1. When the welding place is wet, the welder should stand on the dry insulating board or rubber gasket, and cooperate personnel should wear insulating shoes or stand on insulating board or rubber gasket.
2.When welding at toxic sites, workers should remove residual substances, and strengthen ventilation before work after passing the test. Workers should wear a respirator to protect themselves in the workplace and take reliable safety measures.
3. Insulation measures such as asbestos cloth or baffle should be taken when welding preheating work pieces.
4. When removing welding slag, workers should wear protective glasses or face mask, and keep your head away from the direction of flying welding slag, so as to prevent injuries caused by flying iron slag.
5. When using arc air to clear the root, workers should wear protective glasses or masks to prevent splattering of iron slag.