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Safety regulations during welding(1)

1. When closing the knife switch, the left hand should be closed. The human body should be deflection station. The head should be at the side of the switch. The gloves and shoes should not be wet. When the electric switch is turned on, pushing it into position once, and then turning on the welding machine. Shutting off the welding machine before turning off the power switch.
2. Protecting the handlebar and loop from mechanical damage. When the handlebar and loop need to cross the railway, they should pass under the track.
3. The welding seal container should open the hole and set up insulation protection.
4. Welding in the container or sealed metal container. The container must be grounded reliably, well ventilated and be under the supervision of human. Harmful smoke should be discharged to prevent poisoning. No welding should be performed until the paint is dry in the container. It is strictly forbidden to enter oxygen into the container. A minimum of two people work together, with one operation and one monitoring protection.