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Some inspections of welding equipment and working environment

1. Before welding, the welder should carefully check whether the tools and equipment are in good condition, such as switch, power cord, cable, earthing protection wire of electric welding machine enclosure, electrode pliers for inspection and testing. It do not have loose or empty connection.
2. Checking whether the electrical circuit is intact before using the welding machine. The insulation resistance should not be lower than 0.5 megohm between the primary and secondary windings, between the windings and the iron core, between the windings, leads and the enclosure.
3. Checking whether the insulation of electrode holder is intact. When the electrode holder is not used, it should be put on the insulator.
4. The power distribution system switch and leakage protection device of electric welding machine must be sensitive and effective. The secondary wider-load step-down protector must be installed in the switch box, and the wire insulation must be good. Checking the power distribution box. It should be closed firmly, and stable power supply indicates correct.