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The personal protective of chemical spills

Participants should be fully aware of the chemical nature and reaction characteristics of the spill, and should be treated at high and upper levels. Individual action and guardian are strictly prohibited. According to the nature of the leakage and the form of toxic contact, selecting appropriate protective supplies to prevent casualties and poisoning.  
1. Respiratory protection. In order to prevent poisonous and harmful substances from entering the human body through the respiratory system, different protective equipment should be selected according to different occasions.  
For leakage chemicals with high toxicity and concentration, and in the case of hypoxia, oxygen respirator, air respirator and air supply long pipe mask must be used.  
2. Eye protection. To prevent eye injuries, chemical safety protective glasses and safety protective masks can be used.  
3. Body protection. In order to avoid skin damage, we can use the gas protective clothing with mask type rubber cloth, the gas protective clothing with clothing type cloth, the rubber overalls, the infiltration overalls of the gas and the permeable gas protective clothing.  
4. Hand protection. In order to protect the hands from damage, we can wear rubber gloves, latex gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, chemical protective gloves, etc.