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Emergency treatment for chemical spills

In the production of chemicals, storage and use process, all chemical containers often happen some unexpected breakdown, spill accidents, causing of hazardous chemicals leakage, so simple and effective safety technical measures need to be taken to eliminate or reduce leakage risk. If the leakage don't control or handle improper, it may at any time into the malignant accident such as combustion, explosion and poisoning. The following describes the emergency treatment measures to be taken for chemical leakage.  
Evacuation and isolation
In the production, storage and use of chemicals in the process of leakage,  evacuating firstly irrelevant personnel and isolating of leakage pollution areas. If there is a large number of leakage of inflammable and explosive chemicals, it is necessary to call the "119" alarm and request the rescue of fire professionals, and at the same time protecting and control the site.  
Cut off the fire
Cutting off the source of fire is particularly important for chemical leakage treatment. If the leakage is flammable, it is necessary to immediately eliminate various sources of fire in the contaminated area.