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The other precaution for anti-static work use of denim

The denim used for anti-static work clothes is a new product developed according to the new national standard GB 12014-2009 and the clothing standard of Chinese petroleum refining enterprises. Since the production process and the weaving method of conductive wire are totally different from the traditional tooling fabric, special attention should be paid to the use of fabrics.
Conductive wire weave is different from traditional methods. Due to the national standard GB12014-2009 "point-to-point resistance" indicators of detection, backing conductive silk fabrics of the traditional method in positive don't check undetectable conductive wire. Because cloth for denim is mixed the conductive filament  directly in the yarn and spacing of 0.8 cm woven in the fabric, the water is not easy to see and enzyme washing would be appearing in cowboy anti-static overalls. Do not tie knots and lock holes in clothes before washing, and connect two sleeves to prevent them from falling off and wearing out in the washing process.