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The precautions for anti-static work use of denim

1. Batch number instructions. Because the denim is woven from dyed yarn, the cloth woven by each dyeing row yarn is a batch number. Due to the color difference between different batches, the fabric for cutting should be used according to the batch number. Because the garment cannot be made of pieces, each suit should be on one piece when cutting.
2. Water washing shrinkage rate. As the jeans anti-static work clothes are made into clothing after enzyme washing, which is different from the normal shrinkage rate of cloth, the same kind of washing shall be done first before the formal production, and the cloth after washing should be compared with the unwashed one. Determining reserved sizes to avoid deviation of finished garment sizes. In the process of sewing, cloth pieces with more defects can be replaced. In the process of sewing to master the degree, because the jeans clothing is to use the hem sewing, if the hem is too wide, clothing will become smaller after washing, sewing to master the size.