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The change of labor market

Labor insurance products is always as a traditional manufacturing industry. The production, wholesale and sales are going offline road.  Market channels are relatively single. The impact of e-commerce is greater. In order to adapt to the needs of individuation and diversification of consumers in the Internet era, the integration of labor insurance products into the Internet is the trend of the times. "Internet +'' is a new form of economy. Traditional enterprises can use Internet thinking to make their products and services more suitable for the needs of market and consumption."
Nowadays, online shopping consumption mode has become the mainstream, and Internet shopping platforms have become popular. Many employers prefer convenient online purchasing labor protection supplies. With the help of Internet, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, "cotton gloves" with well-known Internet companies effective integrated of industry resources, committing to building a leading domestic network on the labor insurance industry platform to provide users with convenient, comprehensive, professional services.